New Music: Morning 'til Night by Providence’s Alex Mazzuchelli

Explore a day in the Creative Capital with this five-song instrumental EP via JazzHop Cafe


A marriage of uplifting melodies and smooth beats, the latest release from Providence native Alex Mazzuchelli – also known as Taki Brano in the music scene – is the five-song instrumental EP, Morning 'til Night., released via JazzHop Cafe, and it takes listeners on a musical journey through a day in the Creative Capital.

The EP kicks off with the solo track, “Thayer Cafe,” capturing the early morning ambiance of the East Side with birds chirping. Tracks like "Ice Water" provide a refreshing midday wake-up, while "Better Half" sets the mood for special moments with loved ones. "As Soon As I Walk Out The Door" encapsulates the feeling of heading out after returning home, preparing for a night out. The EP concludes with the enchanting night-time inspired jam, "Baby, the Light Will Shine Again." Mazzuchelli blends jazzy progressions with hip-hop-style drums, creating a perfect soundtrack for focused moments. The EP features worldwide collaborators, including Theo Juarez's soulful trumpet, Yotsugi's innovative production from Japan, live jazz musicians RIVA and Hank Lee Nelson from Los Angeles, renowned Fred Paci on trumpet from Canada, and captivating Lofi Sax from Austria.

With over two decades of experience as a full-time multi-instrumentalist and producer, Mazzuchelli has made a lasting impact on the local music scene, from playing studio sessions to leading live performances in bands like She's a Robot at Lupo’s and other venues. He also performed with The Funk Underground, a neo-soul and hip hop fusion band that thrilled crowds at PVDFest 2018.

In 2020, Mazzuchelli took a bold step, leaving his full-time job at the DHS Pawtucket office to embrace the role of a stay-at-home dad. Despite pandemic challenges, his passion for music led him to the supportive lofi online community, where he refined his craft and discovered new avenues for income and artistic expression. Beyond personal growth in the industry, he aspires to guide others through the dynamic music landscape, sharing knowledge and experiences to empower aspiring musicians in Providence and beyond.

And the story behind his producer name? The origin of Taki Brano actually stems from a wholesome birthday outing at Old Country Buffet. As a friend walked by with a taco and a brownie, Mazzuchelli attempted to say "taco brownie!"—leading to the unintentional birth of "Taki Brano." In that amusing moment, everyone unanimously decided that Taki Brano would forever be the producer's moniker, giving rise to a distinctive and cheerful musical identity. Follow @takibrano on Instagram for updates and inspiration .

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