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Briel Delmonaco has a knack for bringing vintage furniture back to life…or turning it into something new altogether. Just ask high-profile brands like Louis Vuitton, Glade, and Nickelodeon, or the customers from as far as Japan who ordered more than 180 pieces of custom furniture last year from her Lincoln-based vintage restoration and customization shop, Uniquely Chic Vintage.

“It’s a very detailed process,” says Delmonaco, who personally has a hand in every restoration and order. The shop handles everything from custom orders to renting out vintage decor for weddings, parties, and home sale stagings. “Simply put, [we] make Pinterest come to life.”

The workshop and rental warehouse are open by appointment, and unusual ideas are encouraged. “My real passion is working with clients who have a wild imagination,” says Delmonaco. “Breaking traditional style guidelines and ignoring common design ‘rules’ is my favorite part of the process.” Lincoln


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