Rhody Cos-Mint-Politan

What’s red and green and minty all over? Our festive spin on the classic cocktail!


Could your holiday hosting use a little glitz? Put the cider and eggnog mugs away for a night and pull out all the stops – and martini glasses – for cocktail time! Our mix masters have developed the perfect recipe for hosting a wintertime soiree. It makes use of local ingredients from candy to liquor, and with our simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll be shaking things up like a pro. Skip the alcohol for an all ages mocktail.

• 2 oz Rhode Island Spirits Rhodium vodka

• 1/2 oz Anna's Kitchen Shrub Organic Cranberry Mint Cocktail Mixer & Drinking Vinegar

• 3/4 oz triplesec

• Unsweetened cranberry juice

• A whole fresh lime

• A few fresh cranberries

• Crushed Sweenor’s peppermint candy (for rim)

• Ice (large cubes preferred)

1. Knead a whole lime between your hands gently and then cut in half horizontally. Cut a wheel garnish from one half and set the other half aside for squeezing later.

2. Using the remainder of the garnish half of the lime, wet the rim of your martini glass, and apply the crushed peppermint candy.

3. Combine the Rhodium vodka, Shrub mixer, triplesec, and a few splashes of unsweetened cranberry juice in a shaker. Squeeze in prepared lime half and add ice.

4. Shake vigorously until cold and strain into glass.

5. Garnish with the lime wheel and a few fresh cranberries.


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