Rhody Gem: Green Coffee and a Scrumptious Menu Behind Hope Artiste Village

March 2024


Hazel Origin Coffee

Coffee Importer and Cafe

What it is:

A coffee shop serving high-quality green coffee with a menu beyond baked goods.


Where to find it:

Using Hope Artiste Village as your reference, follow Belmont or Dudley Street from Main Street to Esten Avenue; look for the black brick building with the company name displayed in lights across the front entrance. 


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Off the beaten path, landing at Hazel Origin Coffee feels like a true IYKYK discovery. Not only inviting with a menu of great food options, but also committed to quality and the environment when it comes to your daily cup of java, the coffee company has been charming customers since opening in 2022. This family-owned and -operated cafe prides itself on being an “ally of Earth,” with owners, husband and wife Olvin and Dulce Lopez, dedicated to using organic practices each step of the way to craft their delicious and unique brand of coffee – from importing and selling coffee beans that are sustainably sourced from Central and Latin America farms, including their native homeland of Honduras, to working with farmers who share their passion of minimizing environmental impact. The journey doesn’t end here for the couple, as they soon plan to open their second location in Brown University’s newly renovated Chen Family Hall on Brook Street.


Hazel Origin Coffee

245 Esten Avenue, Pawtucket


Instagram: @hazelorigincoffee.ri



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