Rhody Gem: Hope Valley’s Hack & Livery General Store & Emporium is Two Floors of Gifts and Candy

October 2023

What it is:

Just as its full name states, Hack & Livery is a general store and emporium, with two floors of brand-name products, seasonal decor, and more.


Where to find it:

Drive Route 138 through Hope Valley and next to Brushy Brook Farm, Hope Valley Fire Station, and West’s Bakery (renowned for their bismark pastries), you can’t miss the white building with a black horse silhouette.


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

One of the last surviving country stores in the state, Doug and Peg Yattaw have been the proprietors since 1977. “Our biggest day-to-day draw is the 187 jars of ‘penny’ candy, which is sadly no longer a penny!” Peg shares with a chuckle. “We are two floors of adventure and sensory overload,” she adds, offering that repeat customers comment in an adoring way that the shop has a distinctive scent. “I can’t cite the actual source, but they’ll say – ‘it smells the same’ or ‘I knew this was from Hack by the smell!’” A guess might pinpoint it to the aroma of many candles and bath products mixed with all that candy. Either way, Peg says that after 46 years, it’s still fun. “Our loyal staff interacts with customers, which is not only a good time had by all but invites repeat business. We serve multiple generations, enjoying the stories they share while the new visitors make their selections.”


Hack & Livery General Store & Emporium

1006 Main Street, Hope Valley




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