Rhody Pets: Tips for Traveling With Your Pet from Fetch RI Owner and Nutritionist

Get ready to take Fido on a Rhode Island getaway


hen it comes to planning a vacation, a stay-local getaway right here in Rhode Island means it’s easy to travel with your four-legged friend. Before hitting the road, there are some things to consider to ensure a safe and comfortable trip with your pet. Johnna Devereaux, a clinical pet nutritionist and the owner of Fetch RI, offers her expertise to make road trips easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pup.


Pup Essentials

“A few important things you should pack besides food and water include your pup’s vaccine records, a first aid kit, and a current picture of your pet. Don’t forget those poop bags, either!” advises Devereaux. In the unfortunate event of your dog getting lost in an unfamiliar location, she recommends having your pet microchipped before you go if they aren’t already, and pack your dog’s crate if they’re crate-trained.

Creature Comfort

Traveling can be stressful for pets new to the experience of venturing away from home, but there are ways to alleviate fears. “Long car rides and overnights in hotels or new spaces can be scary for dogs,” says Devereaux. “The best way to help them is to bring something they love from home along for the ride. Their favorite blanket or bed along with their favorite toy should help with their journey.”

Natural Remedies

“If you have an extremely anxious dog, there are several natural remedies that can help keep them calm,” Devereaux assures. She suggests products like full-spectrum CBD, and herbs like valerian and passion flower. “Just make sure to provide these calming aids at least 30-45 minutes before you are ready to get in the car. It often takes that length of time for the product to get into their bloodstream. If you get your pup in the car before they have a chance to work, you may find they have no impact at all.” To treat car sickness? Devereaux’s advice is ginger root. “The easiest way to deliver it to a dog is through a glycerine form where the potent properties of ginger have been extracted in vegetable glycerin, offering a slightly sweet taste your dog will tolerate.”


Leash Up

Most importantly, if traveling by car, always leash your dog before they exit the vehicle. “This is especially important in new surroundings as a dog may become skittish to new sounds or sights and act out of character and run off, or worse, get hurt,” Devereaux explains. “And remember, our dogs feel our stress.”

Have Fun

Whether walking new scenic paths with your dog or seeking a nearby eatery serving pup cups or doggie treats, find ways to share your vacation with your furry friend. “The best way to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy is to realize how lucky we are to travel with our four-legged companions in the first place,” says Devereaux. “Take your time, enjoy the journey, and have fun at your destination!”


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