Tackle Your Hunger with Rhode Island’s Top 10 Super Bowl Snacks & Dips

From Pawtucket to Portsmouth, we’re unveiling the Ocean State's game-day trending tastes


If the Patriots' absence from the Super Bowl has an upside, it's the chance to indulge in game-day snacks without the nail-biting tension. Wondering which snacks and dips will be the MVPs of your Super Bowl spread? We've analyzed the data and crunched the numbers using average Google Trends scores to identify the most popular game-day fare in Rhode Island. Whether you're cheering for the big plays or simply in it for the delicious bites, these top-rated snacks and dips are guaranteed to be a hit with your party crowd.

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For a detailed analysis of the data and Google Trend score, please visit Menu items are subject to change, so be sure to check with restaurants for availability. Happy snacking!

Division: Snacks


  1. Fries 

Rounding out the top 10 are fries. Whether they're curly, crinkle-cut, or classic straight-cut, fries are a beloved snack that can be seasoned and dipped to your heart's content.

Rhody Rec: Fresh Cut Fries or Poutine from Sprout and Lentil, Middletown

  1. Cookies 

Sweet treats offer a little break from all the savory snacks. Easy to grab and available in countless varieties, cookies are a simple way to sweeten the Super Bowl experience.

Rhody Rec: Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Beach Rose Cafe, Charlestown

  1. Mozzarella Sticks 

Cheese lovers unite for mozzarella sticks! These gooey, crispy bites are a delightful finger food that pairs well with various dips and are a hit with both adults and kids alike.

Rhody Rec: Uptown Fried Mozzarella Sticks from Uptown Food & Spirits, Warren

  1. Burgers 

Burgers offer a bit of the tailgating experience without leaving the comfort of your living room. They're customizable and satisfying, making them a solid choice for Super Bowl Sunday.

Rhody Rec: The M.O.A.B. (Mother of All Burgers) from Harry’s Bar & Burger, Providence

  1. Meatballs

Tied with wings, meatballs are a hearty choice that can be served on their own or as sliders. They're easy to make in large quantities and are always a crowd-pleaser.

Rhody Rec: Meatballs from Luigi's Gourmet Express, Johnston

  1. Chicken Wings 

A quintessential football food, chicken wings are a must-have for many. Whether you prefer them spicy, sweet, or slathered in barbecue sauce, wings are a game day tradition.

Rhody Rec: Nashville Hot Wings from Stack House, Kingston  

  1. Chips ‘n Dips 

This is the dynamic duo of Super Bowl snacking. They're perfect for mindless munching during those nail-biting plays.

Rhody Rec: Head to your local Dave’s Marketplace for a wide selection of chips and dips, Multiple Locations

  1. Pizza Slices 

A classic choice, pizza is a Super Bowl staple. With endless topping combinations and the ease of serving, a slice of ‘za is a no-brainer for game day.

Rhody Rec: The Sweet Heaven from Fillini’s Pizzeria, Cranston

  1. Subs & Sandwiches 

Coming in at a close second, subs and sandwiches are a versatile and filling option that can easily feed a crowd. Whether it's Italian grinders or turkey clubs, these handheld delights are always a hit.

Rhody Rec: Short Rib Cheesesteak or Vegetarian Mushroom Panini from Bodega on Smith, Providence

  1. Ice Cream 

Sitting at the top of the list with a perfect score is ice cream. It's a surprising champion, but Rhode Islanders seem to love the contrast of a cold, creamy treat during the heated excitement of the game.

Rhody Rec: Cookie Dough or Black Raspberry Oreo from The Wright Scoop, Providence

Now, let's talk about what deliciousness we’re dunking our snacks into. 

Division: Dip


  1. Queso 

Last but certainly not least, queso dip brings a little Tex-Mex flair to the party. This warm, cheesy dip often features a kick of green chiles or jalapeños and is perfect for drizzling over nachos or as a dip for just about anything.

Rhody Rec: Housemade Chips and Queso from Lake Taco, Coventry

  1. French Onion

French onion dip, with its savory and tangy profile, is a timeless choice. It's often paired with potato chips, offering a creamy texture and a burst of onion flavor that's hard to resist.

French Onion Dip from Dips Provisions, Providence

  1. Bean Dip 

Bean dip is a hearty and flavorful option that pairs well with tortilla chips. It can be customized with various toppings like cheese, jalapeños, and sour cream, making it an easy crowd-pleaser.

Rhody Rec: Frijol Dip from Arguadente, Providence

  1. Ranch Dressing 

Ranch dressing is the all-American classic that's great for salads and even better for dipping. It's a familiar and comforting choice for any snack spread.

Rhody Rec: The Ranch dressing from Granny Boo’s Kitchen at Ogie’s Trailer Park (paired best with their Tater-Tots), Providence

  1. Spinach Artichoke 

Spinach artichoke dip is a creamy, cheesy favorite that's a staple at many Super Bowl parties. It's rich and satisfying, perfect for bread, crackers, or veggies.

Rhody Rec: Spinach & Artichoke Dip from The Square Peg, Warren

  1. Salsa 

Salsa is a versatile and vibrant dip that can range from sweet to fiery hot. It's a refreshing companion to the salty crunch of nachos.

Rhody Rec: Salsa 4 Way from Diego’s, Newport

  1. Guacamole 

Guacamole is a fresh, zesty dip that's both flavorful and somewhat guilt-free. Avocados, onions, tomatoes, and a squeeze of lime make this a go-to for health-conscious snackers.

Rhody Rec: Guacamole from Casa Azul Taqueria, Providence 

  1. Pizza Dip 

Essentially your favorite pizza toppings in a scoopable form, pizza dip is a fun twist on a classic that's sure to be a hit.

Rhody Rec: Grab cheese for the dip from East Side Cheese & Provisions, Providence

  1. Buffalo Chicken 

Buffalo chicken dip is a spicy, cheesy concoction that captures the flavor of buffalo wings without the mess. It's a hearty choice that's perfect for celery, chips, or even pizza slices.

Rhody Rec: Buffalo Chicken Dip from Mews Tavern, Narragansett

  1. Hummus

Leading the dip parade is hummus. This creamy, savory spread made from chickpeas is not only delicious but also offers a healthier option for snacking. 

Rhody Rec: Hummus from East Side Pockets, Providence


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