The DaVinci Center Marks a Milestone with 50th Anniversary Gala

Celebrating decades of community, culture, and innovation initiatives


Located in the north end of Providence and originally established in 1972, the DaVinci Center  was created to address the community's need for a space that would not only serve but also enrich and support the area's cultural and educational landscape. With a strong sense of community, the center brings together volunteers from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared vision to exceed expectations.

Named after Leonardo da Vinci, the center embodies a fusion of art, science, and innovation, and quickly became the heart of cultural, educational, and social services in the region, offering support and a sense of camaraderie to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Despite facing challenges such as economic shifts and funding fluctuations, the center has adapted and grown, remaining steadfast in its mission to meet the evolving needs of the community.

Through a wide range of workshops, classes, and seminars, the organization has consistently uplifted the diverse heritage of the community. Music nights, art exhibits, and festivals extend beyond mere entertainment; they serve as celebrations of the community's creative spirit. Through services including youth programs, elder assistance, a food pantry, and job training, the center profoundly impacts local community members.

Today, the DaVinci Center embraces new technologies and methodologies to benefit future generations, while staying true to its core mission. The upcoming 50th anniversary gala, on March 1, honors the center's impact, and pays tribute to the late John DeLuca, a visionary leader whose contributions were instrumental in shaping the center's success. For more details on attending the gala or supporting the DaVinci Center's mission, visit their official website.


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