Turning Passions into a Platform with Instagram’s Passion Street Media

Meet the innovators driving the movement that fosters positivity and community in Providence


Lucas and Aaron, the founders of Passion Street Media (PSM) on Instagram, set out on the streets of Providence with a quest of discovering individuals’ hidden passions. What began as a simple question between two friends has blossomed into a movement, reminding followers to remember the things they care about most in life.

It was Aaron's first day at a new marketing job when the pair met. "We hit it off instantly and connected over our shared passion for learning about other people," he says Motivated by the question, "What are you passionate about?" the duo set forth to establish an online platform that celebrates the unique things that bring people joy. "We started this platform so that people could have a place to express their passions and spread positivity."

Their approach to interviews is both straightforward and meaningful, reflecting their core beliefs. By asking participants three key questions – what sparks their passion, how this passion impacts their emotions, and the message they aim to broadcast to the world – PSM gets straight to the essence of what is important to each individual. In terms of choosing who to interview, Aaron says,  "we typically just walk all around the city, asking anyone we come across if they have time for a street interview."

When asked about any unexpected or insightful responses they’ve received, the duo shared, "It was with an individual who described how he actively cultivates happiness in his day-to-day life. He spoke to the fact that happiness is a state of mind influenced by our choices each day. We had another interview in which one individual reported that he seeks out one thing to be amazed by every single day, which was super inspiring."

The launch of their Crosswalk series has made PSM's process even more inclusive, inviting their digital audience to participate in the conversation with their own questions. The variety of responses has been enlightening, covering everything from the pursuit of happiness and daily wonders to recognizing one's unique creative potential.

PSM's commitment to providing a platform for expression and exploration has nurtured a community culture characterized by camaraderie, positivity, and encouragement. "We get a lot of DMs and comments from supporters who thank us for spreading positivity. The mayor even followed us, so I guess we're doing something right."


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