Westerly's Train Station Unveils New La Tuffolina Historical Sculpture

Gifted by the South County Tourism Council, this 19th-century masterpiece reflects Westerly's dedication to public art


Westerly recently welcomed an addition to its artistic landscape with the unveiling of the 19th-century bronze sculpture, La Tuffolina, crafted by Italian artist Odoardo Tabacchi. With assistance from the South County Tourism Council, this sculpture, depicting a young girl diver, now adorns the Westerly Train Station.

On March 6, the unveiling event of La Tuffolina captured the attention of many onlookers in Westerly. Louise Bishop, president of the South County Tourism Council, found the sculpture at an online art auction and immediately felt a profound connection to it, sharing, "When I saw her, I felt like she was part of our seaside. I knew I had to have her and that she belonged in Westerly."

Bishop purchased the statue to be placed at the train station,  where the guests and residents alike can be inspired by its beauty and connection to Westerly’s thriving art scene and seaside heritage. 

Originally presented at the Paris International Exhibition in 1878, La Tuffolina stands as one of six pieces Tabacchi created. The Comolli Granite Company donated a granite pedestal on which the sculpture rests, representing the timeless appeal of art that crosses boundaries.

La Tuffolina embodies the local community's celebration of public art, enhancing the lives of locals and visitors in Westerly and the broader Rhode Island area. As Bishop aptly puts it, "La Tuffolina adds one more layer of public art that can be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike for years to come." To learn more, visit


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