Where to Find Wedding Invitations in Rhode Island

Even in the digital age, nothing compares to a suite set of paper goods


Of all the many items on your wedding planning checklist, selecting the invitation suite of stationery may be the most fun activity. The “suite” is a chic way of saying all the paper goods – including the star of the show – the invitation. Just like a wedding, invitations can be as simple or fancy, low-cost or high-end as you wish, and you are likely to enjoy the process of perusing papers, designs, ink colors, ribbons, wax stamps, and more. Invitations can stand alone as their own element or offer recipients a first glimpse into a theme. No matter your aesthetic, here’s what’s what:



Invitation & Envelope: Generally the largest piece, the invite has all of the important details.

Response Card & SASE*: Be sure to provide a clear RSVP deadline.
*Self-addressed stamped envelope

Pretty stamps for all mailings.



Save the Date Card: An optional card that lets guests know to reserve a spot on their calendar because a special invite will be on its way.

Inner Envelope: A smaller envelope that holds the invitation within the larger envelope.

Reception Card: Information for guests if the reception will be held at a different location than the ceremony.

Information Cards: One to several cards with information such as directions, parking, weekend events, and any details you want guests to know.

Invitation Wrapper: A band that holds all the cards together.



Most manners experts suggest sending thank-you cards for all gifts received within three months of the wedding. Make having cards a no-brainer by either including them in your suite or purchasing separately to have and to send, and get stamps, too!




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