Wright’s Dairy Farm Brings Frozen Treats to Blount Clam Shack in Warren

Two fifth-generation Rhode Island businesses team up for the perfect summer combo


Warren’s Water Street Landing is home to Blount Clam Shack, a perfect New England summer locale, complete with seashells underfoot and bayside clam cakes in the sun. There’s only one thing that could improve on this East Bay Garden of Eden: ice cream.

Blount’s is nudging a few lobster traps to the side to make room for The Wright Scoop, a  Streamline trailer renovated into an ice cream shop on wheels, bringing creative flavors from the northern part of the state to complement their seafood. With the looping lines of Blount Clam Shack from May through September, Wright Scoop is in a prime location to deliver innovative frozen treats to the hungry, hungry hipsters of Warren.

The Wright family has a name that’s synonymous with quality. The Wright Scoop is the newest expansion to their delicious Rhode Island takeover, which already includes Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery in North Smithfield. Cate Kennedy, founder and head of sales at the Wright Scoop, serves up some details about the new sweets spot: “We started with four pop-ups in 2017. In 2018 that grew to a pop-up every week. In 2019 we bought and opened our first Streamline trailer and the Wright Scoop was officially born!”

“We knew we wanted to open up another location and many people had suggested somewhere in the East Bay,” Kennedy continues. “I ended up meeting Todd Blount through a panel I participated in through the Venture Cafe. Turns out Todd is a huge ice cream fan and had been looking for an ice cream brand to partner with. The rest is kind of history!”

The Wright Scoop provides all of your chilly favorites and more. “We’ll have four specialty ice cream flavors that rotate monthly. One specialty flavor is Compost Cream – this is a flavor that is unique to us. It’s a vanilla base with trimmings of pecan diamonds, magic bars, and coconut magic bars with a ganache swirl,” says Kennedy, naming signature desserts fans of the bakery will be familiar with. “We used to compost the trimmings, but now we turn them into ice cream.” Other specials include roasted banana with peanut butter swirl and chocolate chunks, tiramisu, and blueberry coffee cake.

The combined summer superpowers of Blount’s seafood and Wright’s Dairy Farm ice cream aren’t lost on Kennedy. “We’re super excited! It feels amazing to be partnering with another fifth-generation Rhode Island family business. Hopefully, I won’t get sick of lobster rolls by the end of the summer!”


At Blount Clam Shack on the Waterfront • 335 Water St, Warren



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