Explore Rhode Island with 8 Unique Guided Walking Tours

Discover the history, culture, and culinary delights across the Ocean State


From haunted alleyways to historic neighborhoods, Rhode Island's guided walking tours offer a unique way to experience the state’s rich history, culture, and tantalizing cuisine. Lace up your walking shoes and get ready for a journey through time, tasting the flavors and hearing the tales that make Rhode Island’s history so enchanting.

Downtown Westerly Ghost Tour

Explore the spookier side of downtown Westerly on this guided ghost tour. Visit the Memorial Library, the Granite Theatre, and more while hearing tales of shipwrecks and eerie encounters. Westerly,

Historic Federal Hill Walking Tour

This tour takes you through charming neighborhoods, unveiling cultural treasures, from historic landmarks such as DePasquale Plaza to beloved local eateries like Scialo Bros. Bakery. Providence,

Newport Black History Walking Tours

RI Slave History Medallions presents a walking tour across Historic Hill hearing lost stories of resistance and freedom while learning about Newport’s colonial Black American history. Newport,

Newport Historical Society

From Gilded Age tours and walks in burial grounds to the Rogues & Scoundrels tour revealing the lives of pirates and criminals of the past, Newport Historical Society has something for all history buffs. Newport,

Newport Walking Food and History Tour

Combine historical charm with culinary delights on this walking tour. Sample local flavors at five different establishments, and learn about the area's rich heritage as you savor each bite. Newport,

Olde Town Ghost Walk

Step into the haunted past with the Olde Town Ghost Walk. Visit landmarks like White Horse Tavern and Trinity Church, and hear stories of gruesome crimes and dark deeds. Newport,

Parasols and Pocket Watches: A History Tour

Discover the history of Providence’s prominent residents and families. See iconic buildings like the John Brown House and learn about key events that shaped the state. Providence,

Power and Politics: The Struggle for the Soul of Providence Tour

Dive into Providence's turbulent political history, uncovering key events like involvement in the slave trade, suffrage movements, and the first Gay Pride parade in 1976. Providence,

Providence Crime and Cuisine Tour

Feast on Federal Hill’s finest Italian cuisine while uncovering its criminal past. Enjoy fine wines and house-made delights like fresh pasta and cannoli on this deliciously intriguing tour. Providence,

Providence Prohibition Tour

Travel back to the Prohibition era with this fascinating tour. Discover the secrets of speakeasies and the daring tales of bootleggers during a time when the sale of alcohol was banned. Providence,


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