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Four bright wines to celebrate the arrival of spring


Spring is a euphoric time in Rhode Island, when windows are cracked, deck chairs emerge, and sun-deprived locals dare to dine outside. Color returns to the land - and to our tables. Rosé, with its flowery hue and bouquet, is the perfect complement to warmer weather. Here are four local rosés, each bottle blooming with viticultural delight.

Triad Rosé, Stonington Vineyards
Made just across the border in Connecticut, this peach-colored table wine blends three grape varieties, producing a bright fruit flavor with subtle spice. Stonington, CT

Dry Rosé, Newport Vineyards
With its hints of strawberries, Newport’s rosé has the color of rose petals and the flavor of blossoming and renewal. Middletown

Grenache Rosé, Gooseneck Vineyards
This salmon-colored wine is crafted from Spanish grapes for a dry and relaxing finish, thanks to Gooseneck’s international harvesting practices. Wickford

Sacred Rosé, Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard
A berry-infused Cabernet Franc Rosé with floral hints, the Sacred Rosé is a spirit-lifting ode to spring. Little Compton 

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