Rhody Pets: Adventurous Dogs Flourish at Ruffin Wranglers

A doggie ranch and daycare service lets pups embrace their wild side with supervised roaming


Fresh air, lots of space to securely run free, and other doggie friends to play with are just a few of the luxuries you’ll find at Ruffin’ Wranglers®, a veritable country club for four-leggeds. Sixteen years ago, when owner Blythe Penna was looking for a dog walker of her own, inspiration struck. Roma, her dog at the time, was a very active Vizsla who required more attention than an average dog walker could supply. Roma craved adventure, and it struck Penna that many other dogs were probably seeking daily activity with more thrills while their owners worked, too. So she decided to make a career change, and Ruffin’ Wranglers was born.

Reflecting on the beginning of her business, Penna says, “In the first year or so of the company, I was taking dogs to Brigham Farm, Chase Farm, anywhere they could get space and safely run. As we continued to grow, I knew I would need my own property, so I set out knocking on doors in Rehoboth, MA – I was turned down by everyone, until I wasn’t!”

“I leased the land that is now the Ruffin’ Wranglers Ranch,” she continues. “I bought the 14.5 acres about four years ago. No one lives on the property. We have about seven acres fenced, and it is absolutely beautiful.”

Fenced-in portions of the expansive property allow the dogs to run free under the watchful eye of her Ruffin’ Wranglers’ team. There are trails, lots of shaded areas for the pups to keep cool, and little swimming pools filled with cold well water. It’s a playtime paradise, with around 35 pups there at a time. A day filled with running, swimming, and interacting with other canines means they return to their owners happy and tuckered out after their adventures.

If Rehoboth sounds like a long haul to add to a daily commute, Penna has a solution for that – dogs are picked up and dropped off daily by the Ruffin’ Wranglers SNIFF Mobiles. Their Rhode Island coverage extends to most of Providence, Oakhill in Pawtucket, Edgewood in Cranston, Riverside, Rumford, and Barrington. Because safety is a priority, dogs need to be healthy, up to date on vaccinations, and be friendly toward other dogs to participate.

The staff really gets to know each dog’s temperament, wants, and needs, and once a regular is part of the pack, Ruffin’ Wranglers offers boarding services to them, placing the pup in one of the staff members’ homes.

“Our Wranglers know each and every one of them intimately,” Penna says. “They know what that dog is about to do before the dog even knows! We get so attached to these animals; they are a huge part of our lives and we are the same for them. We get so much joy out of watching these dogs run free – there is nothing like it.”


To see if Ruffin’ Wranglers® is the place for you pup, visit RuffinWranglers.com or give them a call at 401-419-4318.


Pet of the Month: Herbie

Herbie’s smile says it all – this playful boy is a three-year-old Boxer/Pit mix who loves to be active and is very smart. He gets excited when he meets new people, eager for a new companion to play with him, and loves to run around, so a fenced-in yard would be a dream come true for him. If you live an active lifestyle and you’re looking for a loyal love bug, Herbie might be the pup for you. Email Shelter to Sofa (ShelterToSofaRI@gmail.com) to inquire about meeting Herbie, or visit ShelterToSofa.org.


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