Sew Fabulous on Hope

Learn to craft and stitch like the Project Runway contestant you always knew you could be


As someone who has always feared the sharp end of a stick but who secretly wishes she could “make it work” with Tim and Heidi on Project Runway, I was excited to visit Kreatelier, the unique craft and gift store tucked away on Hope Street.

Not only does Kreatelier offer a wide range of hand crafted goods, most of which were created in house by the lovely ladies who work there, the shop also offers sewing classes for children, adults, and in my case, for those who have grand dreams of one day debuting at NYC Fashion Week. You know, if I could only thread the sewing machine without suffering some bloody mishap.

Before booking my appointment, I had to figure out what exactly I wanted to make. After perusing Kreatelier’s extensive list of suggested items which I found on their website, I settled on a zip pouch wallet that can fit a phone. Watch out Marc Jacobs, I’m coming for you.

Upon entering the shop I immediately felt a sense of comforting warmth and joy. My instructor Alexis Cormier greeted me with such a bubbly, positive attitude that the nervousness I had was diminished by her enthusiastic passion for craft.

Because of a time crunch factor, Alexis had already pieced out some fabric for my pouch. While looking at the material in my hand, I simply couldn’t imagine how I was going to make them into something even resembling a wallet, but hey, if I want to schmooze with the likes of Donatella and Tyra one day, then I simply had to remember Mr. Tim Gunn’s infamous phrase and make it work.

First we ironed the pieces in the store’s back room, which serves as a workshop for Kreatelier’s employees. Then, the part I feared, the part with the sharp object hammering up and down in close proximity to my delicate hands, arrived.

Making sure my fingers were not in danger of getting sewn human centipede style, I tentatively pressed my toes downwards on the pedal that powers the machine, making it explode with life.

Eee! That was too fast! Eee! But obviously, I just needed to feel out the rhythm, kind of like driving a car for the first time; you just need to understand how to control the beast. After only a few minutes, I was surprised at how hypnotic and relaxing sewing could be, and as each piece became attached I started to feel magical, like I could actually create something beautiful out of raw material. What a sense of power!

Over the course of the next two hours and with Alexis’ helpful guidance, my fabric scraps transformed into an adorable, colorful wallet, and I transformed from nervous, Project Runway wannabe into a confident crafting goddess. 

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