ATABEY SÁNCHEZ-HAIMAN, Artist & Gallery Owner of Giraffes And Robots

Leading Ladies 2023


Atabey Sánchez-Haiman’s art invites the viewer to take a pause from stresses and negativity and in that pause, feel calm and cheerful. Bright and colorful, with a signature palette of yellow, orange, and red, her pop art is instantly recognizable as a GIRAFFES AND ROBOTS original.

Born in Puerto Rico, the Brown graduate has made a significant impact on the local art scene. Her studio gallery, the Giraffes and Robots Pop Art Studio, is an immersive expe- rience where you feel as if you are stepping into one of her paintings or illustrations. There is a seemingly endless collection of bright and affordable options, from unframed and framed prints to large-scale artwork and very limited edition whimsical pieces, each created to bring a pop of positivity. In the great tradi- tion of pop art, Atabey’s work is designed to be approachable and fun.

And like notable pop artists, her work has become quite popular in RI and beyond. Her iconic Providence Landmarks and Building series offers an unexpected twist on the fa- miliar. Two images from this series are part

of the art collection of The Graduate Hotel in Providence, where you can find a Giraffes and Robots framed print in every one of their 300 rooms. Her popular works are constantly evolving with new imagery and focus, making each edition unique. A new series featuring Brown University buildings has recently been acquired by the art cura- tor of the Brown Arts galleries to be includ- ed in the University’s Campus Collection, an exciting milestone in the career of this Brown alumna. She has done custom pieces for schools, doctor’s offices, boardrooms, schools, kitchens (her food themed pop art is definitely worth a look), living rooms, nurseries... even bathrooms! Atabey has recently ventured into the surface pattern design world and collaborates with interior designers, homeowners, and businesses to create custom pieces that literally and figu- ratively brighten up any environment.

Atabey’s simple yet powerful art continues to leave its uniquely positive mark everywhere it goes and once you see it, you will certainly agree with her slogan: Pop art is good for you.

Giraffes and Robots Pop Art Studio Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main St., Studio 8233, Pawtucket. 347-ROBOTS-1,


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