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RUFFIN’ WRANGLERS® gives your pup more than just a leash walk – they give them an adventure! It starts when your dog is picked up and whisked away to a doggie oasis, the Ruffin’ Wranglers® Ranch in Rehoboth. The fenced-in ranch boasts seven acres of grassy fields and trees, offering plenty of space for your dog to run, play, and make furry friends. “Socialization, exercise, and freedom are crucial to your pet’s health, happiness, and your sanity!” says owner Blythe Penna.

Since 2007, the Ruffin’ Wranglers® team has provided over 250,000 excursions. The “wranglers” handle the pick-ups and drop-offs, and supervise all the fun in between. “They have a better social life and exercise routine than most humans!” says Blythe.

“We know our clients’ dogs are their children. Our Wranglers are deeply in- vested in the dogs – there is no other team like them!” The staff get to know each dog, their preferences, what caus- es them anxiety, and what they love.

They ensure each dog has the experi- ence they crave, whether that’s extreme ball chasing, lots of kisses, wrestling, running along trails, or just snoofing!

“We have dogs that have been with Ruffin’ Wranglers® their entire lives and are still at the ranch weekly,” says Blythe. “We are going to have to outfit a geriatrics SNIFF Mobile for those dogs and me soon! I had a vision for the company when I started it 15 years ago, but I really did not conceptualize where we are today.”

“I am so proud of our team of Wranglers and the leader of our pack, Austin Wright. There is absolutely no way we would be where we are today without our team’s dedication to Ruffin’ Wranglers®,” Blythe continues.

“There is nothing like seeing pure joy in the eyes of a dog, and that is what we provide, joy...not bad for your daily gig!” To learn more, visit their website, and click “contact us” in the “Getting Started” section.



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