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Off-Season Beaches

Seasons in the sun


Let’s get this out of the way right now. A summer day at the beach is like no other thing. But just because the summer is over, that doesn’t mean that your beach time is done for the season. Here are 5 reasons that the beach in the fall is worth your time.

1 – September is our bonus month. Summer doesn’t technically end until September 22, but somehow, all of the tourists missed that memo. They’re gone, and yet gorgeous beach days remain. I like to consider September our reward for dealing with all of those New Jersey and Connecticut license plates for the last two months.

2 – There’s no traffic. at all. Gone are the days of strategically planning to leave at 7am to avoid a two-hour crush on Route 1 to get to the South County beaches. Throw caution to the wind and leave the house at any time you want. There won’t be a traffic jam, even trying to get to Matunuck, where sometimes in August it takes an hour just to get into the lot.

3 – The parking is plentiful. Remember that time in July that you had to park in the secondary lot at Scarborough, then lugged a cooler, your beach chairs, your kid and your kid’s toys seven miles across the scorching pavement, only to remember that the towels were in the car? Not in September.

4 – There’s hardly anyone around. Did you avoid the beach all summer because of the crowds? No more. Not only can you sit in a chair and soak in the sun in peace, you can take a mostly uninterrupted walk, read a book without listening to someone blasting classic rock next to you, and collect seashells without rogue boogie boards crashing into your ankles.

5 – You can bring your dog. After Labor Day, all beach employees are gone -so yes, you’re swimming at your own risk, but you’re not paying $15 per car to do so, and nobody is going to stop you from bringing along four-legged friends. No more guilt about leaving Patches at home while you enjoy an afternoon at Second Beach.


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